Exchanging Excess Capacity And Under-Utilized Assets To
Manage Excess Capacity, Increase Sales, Solve Occupancy Challenges and Guarantee Room Bookings
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We currently  have over 2,800 advertising opportunities available on trade including  major  TV , Radio , Print , Internet and out of home placements and offer an array of alternative finance programs to help you obtain major advertising
Your premier source for barter based advertising on the nation’s major Media outlets
In the hotel and resort industry un-utilized capacity could be costing you thousands of dollars a day. Whether you are a hotel chain or an independent resort you need to advertise to gain new customers, increase market share and continue to build your business. Every day an, often overlooked, valuable assets of Hospitality Companies go to waste. Vacant rooms and unused meeting space are a lost revenue opportunity. Ownership and management needs to increase occupancy and lower expenses, but once the day is over the opportunity to utilize their excess capacity has vanished and their overhead costs remain.  So how can your Hotel increase sales, increase occupancy percentages, lower expenses, and maximize the value of your excess capacity? If your hotel is 80% occupied you are losing 20% of your income potential. This can mean losing thousands of dollars a night in revenue since your actual overhead cost of the room is fixed with the exception of housekeeping services. For example, take a 200-room hotel with a 20 percent average vacancy and a room rate of $150 per night. That’s $6,000 per day in unused room revenue—$180,000 per month! of income not generated or expenses not reduced from the value of those rooms. Consider the impact on overall occupancy rates if you were to invest just a single months unsold room night in an advertising campaign. A campaign that could be tailored to your specific marketing objectives and had zero impact on your cash flow.
Present Your Resort in Full Virtual Reality
Never before in history has the power to transport potential guests into your resort existed like it does using a Virtual Reality tour.   Potential travelers become fully immersed in your resort and are able to look all around, up and down, enjoying the sights and sounds as if they were actually standing right there. Brought to you by the world’s  leading Virtual Reality producers ReelTime VR the tour is viewable in 360 degree Virtual reality on any computer or smart mobile device. Your tour can be hosted and shared via Youtube,  Facebook, Oculas, Samsung VR, and resides as content on the ReelTime VR app. Complete virtual reality production and distribution packages are available using your excess capacity as payment .
Turn empty room nights into expanded advertising campaigns and guaranteed room bookings
Barter Media Brokers is your premier source for barter based advertising on the nation’s major Media outlets
Hospitality Advertising Solutions is a specialized division of Barter Media Brokers
We Trade Advertising on TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Transit, Internet, Mobile, Social, Ad Specialties and more.
Barter Media Brokers Announces the expansion of the Hospitality Occupancy Stimulus Plan to include creation of virtual reality resort tours from the world’s leading Virtual Reality producers ReelTime VR.
Barter Media Brokers offers each participant $25,000 to $500,000 in advertising utilizing Radio, TV, Internet, and Print through a strategic marketing campaign in their targeted geographic area. The advertising is paid for with unsold room nights guaranteeing the property the ability to increase their advertising exposure, without the use of cash, using new sales of excess capacity that would otherwise go unsold.